Killer butts?

So the NBC nightly news has a very quick scare article tonight. Watch. Basically the story was about cigarette butts, the most common form of litter, leaching toxic chemicals into the ground, possibly into someones water supply and affecting your pets. I burst out laughing.

If someone dumped a bunch of used tea bags on the side of the road, would people complain as much? Yes, tobacco does contain thousands of chemicals, but like tea— it’s just leaves. Apple seeds and almonds contain trace amount of cyanide, but who would complain about a few of these lying around?

Just because Brian Williams said it in an ominous tone, does not mean its anything more than just trace amounts of burned leaves.

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2 Responses to Killer butts?

  1. me says:

    what about all those hundreds of unknown chemicals put into cigarettes?

    • Dave says:

      These ingredients? All food additives (flavorings) fit for human consumption. However, when they are burned, who know what happens. That is the scary news.

      Is there a non-scary complement? How about coffee? Coffee beans sometimes flavored, burned (or roasted, a controlled burn) Who knows how many chemicals are generated from this burning. After drinking, we spread the grounds on our gardens.

      I’ve read from multiple sources that boiling cigarettes butts, then cooling, makes a great pesticide for your plants! Now, NBC considers this an environmental hazard?


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